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1. Is this a mixed group tour? 

A. No, we never mix groups. This is a private group tour exclusive for you and your family/friends. Stroll around at your own leisurely pace, stopping whenever you feel like it. Our guide is attentive and conscious of guests being "templed out". We can call it a day whenever you are satisfied. Our mission is for you to enjoy a perfect day out.  


2. Which tour is best suited for my group? 

A. All three tours are walking tours and involve a moderate amount of walking (plus short bus & train rides). The standard Buddha, Bamboo & Zen tour involves walking along Kamakura's streets, mainly on flat ground and can be enjoyed at a leisurely pace. The Seven Passes Hike is more challenging & entails 1-2 hours of hiking along dirt trails in the gentle Kamakura hills, plus several hours of hiking along Kamakura's streets. The Bespoke walking tour is a third option for private groups with their own itinerary. You share with us what you would like to see & do & we'll tailor a day walk for your group. 

3. Are your tours suited for kids?

Absolutely, yes! I'm a Dad and my primary-school-aged son has enjoyed the Buddha, Bamboo & Zen tour and Seven Passes Hike on several occasions. I recommend the Buddha, Bamboo & Zen tour for the little ones, while older & more energetic kids/teenagers may enjoy the hiking challenge of the Seven Passes Hike. If you have any concerns, you can always "choose your own adventure" via the Bespoke walking tour. 

4. What do I need to bring?

A. Please wear comfortable shoes (preferably sneakers on dry days) for the Buddha, Bamboo & Zen tour. For the Seven Passes Hike, trail/hiking shoes/boots (or any footwear with solid grip) is highly recommended. A wet & slippery section needs to be navigated. Although there are convenience stores and vending machines here & there, I would also bring some bottled water/drinks. And if you prefer - some light snacks. Each guest will also need to bring some cash (not cards) to cover temple admission fees, bus & train rides, food/drinks & other miscellaneous expenses. 

5. What languages are tours conducted in? 

A. All tours will be conducted in English (only). Your guide is a native English-speaking (Aussie) local guide with 21 years experience living in Japan (16 years & counting based in Kamakura). 

6. Is Buddha, Bamboo & Zen a travel agency?

A. No, we are not a travel agency. As such, there are legal restrictions over the types of services we can provide. In 2018, the Japanese government revised the law regulating certified guides. This revision was made due to the current boom in inbound tourism and a severe shortage of certified tour guides. Relaxed regulations have now enabled local non-certified guides to show visitors around local areas. 

7. I'm a solo traveller. Can I get a discount? 

A. The tour fee is a fixed price for a private group (up to 6 guests) and is not charged on a per person basis. Whether there are 1-2 or 6 guests, the price remains the same. There are no discounts for reduced numbers in your party. 

8. What is your cancellation policy?

A. We kindly request all cancellations in writing (via email) to 

We incur transaction fees for online bookings, so these fees will be deducted from all refunds. 

Up to 15 days before the tour = full refund (minus any transaction fees).  

Between 7-14 days before the tour = 80% refund (minus any transaction fees). 

Between 2-6 days before the tour = 50% refund (minus any transaction fees). 

Less than 24 hours before tour departure, on the day of the tour, in the event of a no show = no refund. 

NB: We will endeavour to accommodate date change requests of existing paid bookings. Please note that this will depend upon availability and cannot be guaranteed in the event of a late request change. As of January 2024, tours will be run every Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday (excluding public holidays). In the event that a date change request cannot be accommodated, the above cancellation conditions will apply.


Alternatively, guests cancelling between 2-14 days before the tour may elect a future travel credit in lieu of a partial refund. Once elected, the Future Travel Credit will be valid for a full year (365 days) from the date of the original booking and is considered non-refundable if unused within this period. This Future Travel Credit is transferable, so you can always pass it on to extended family, friends or anyone you know visiting Japan within a year of your cancellation.

9. Are there any additional fees? 

A. There are no additional online fees associated with this online booking. The tour fee covers guiding services only. Temple admission fees, public transportation or taxi fees, food/drinks and other miscellaneous expenses are not included in the tour fee and must be paid by each guest separately on the day of the tour. 

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