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About Kamakura

Facing Sagami Bay and flanked by hills on three sides, Kamakura is steeped in samurai history. It is the birthplace of Japan’s first samurai government (1192-1333), after centuries of imperial rule. During the Kamakura Period, samurai warriors embraced Zen Buddhism. And 839 years on, 115 Buddhist temples remain dotted around the hills of this coastal town. These rustic temples are full of Spartan charm & understated elegance. 


Local Guide - a charismatic hobbit

Brad was born in Melbourne, Australia. After graduating from Monash University with a Bachelor of Economics, Brad spent five years in the corporate world before moving to Japan in 2003. Since then, he has worn many hats including equity analyst, management consultant, corporate trainer, published writer, cofounder of a streetwear brand & DJ. Seeking a sea change, Brad moved to the Kamakura hills and has spent the past 16 years exploring the nooks & crannies of this magical place. He has guided countless family & friends around Kamakura over the years. And with their encouragement, has launched this passion project. 

Local English-speaking Guide

Kamakura Gallery

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